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Other Shutter bars we have made or reproduced

Detail of Replica Brass Push Latch
Reproduction brass catch

Long cross-over shutter bars

Replica bar for a house in Lansdown, Bath
18th c. bespoke shutter bar for a house in Lansdown, Bath



Cross-over shutter bar in position on tall solid wood shutters

3mm steel Oxford shutter bar with variation in dimensions

Wide shutter bar copied from a 1760 house in Dorset

Gothic shape decorative bar in open position
3mm Berwick Bar in open position and housed in parking bracket

3mm steel Spitalfields bar hanging within the lower shutter panels

3mm steel wide hook bar with push latch on open shutters

"Signature" wide shutter bar to suit split-shutters showing owner's initials

The pictures on this page are of bespoke shutter bars we have made or been asked to reproduce.  They illustrate the variations in design of both the shutter bar itself and the size, shape and mechanism of the various shutter latches and catches.  If you have an existing shutter bar in your property and would like us to match it, please send a photograph with your email enquiry.

Replica Brass Shutter Bar with Push Latch
Variation on a brass shutter bar with push latch

3mm powder coated & brass bar
Matt black powder coated bar with brss detailing

All bars come with appropriate screws and felt pads - wide bars have parking brackets as standard

Replica bars for a house in Lansdown, Bath

Replica Shutter bar from 18th century house in Oxfordshire
Variations on our standard Oxford bar from Georgian town house

Repairing an old shutter bar at a local blacksmiths

Lift-out bar from the Turner House, Twickenham

These pictures show some of our standard range of shutter bars in position on solid wooden shutters.  The wider bars are specifically designed to lock all four shutter panels.  They come with parking bracket to hold the bars in place when the shutters are opened.

Decorative split shutter bar
The Spitalfields shutter bar is elegantly designed to lock all 4 panels of split-shutters

Straight Split Shutter Bar
The wide hook bar can be used to hold lower shutter panels in place while top panels are open