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At Sashes and Shutters, we manufacturer a comprehensive
range of Steel and Brass Shutter Bars

Brass Bars
Brass Shutter Bars with Pendant Latch

Shutter bars are notoriously difficult to obtain, and often prohibitively expensive.  We now offer an extensive range of shutter bars to suit different tastes and budgets. 

Because we manufacture our own bars, we can tailor our product to your needs, meaning that you can choose between:

  • Steel or Brass
  • Thickness of the steel
  • Hanging of bar (left, right or centre)
  • Type of latch:
    • Pendant latch
    • Sprung push latch

and decide upon the overall length of your bar.

Steel shutter bar with pendant latch
Steel shutter bar with pendant latch

To date, our most popular bar is the light gauge, 3mm steel bar with traditional pendant latch, available in white or grey primer for over-painting to match your shutters.  The same style is also available in 4mm solid polished brass.

Spring Push Latch

New to our range is the 4mm steel bar with sprung push latch. This is the design we have been asked for the most and we are proud to have been able to extend our manufacturing facilities to be able to produce it. The design has been taken from an early 19th century house in Wiltshire, so would suit any Georgian property. Again, this comes primed in grey or white for over-painting.

Our heavier bars are made of 6mm steel primed and are available with pendant latch.

In both the 3mm and 6mm steel, this style can be manufactured in various configurations to suit the layout of your shutters. You can choose whether the bar hangs on the left or right when in the open position, or have it centre hinged, which is often a neat solution for longer bars to avoid them hanging below the shutters when open.

Steel Shutter Bar with Centre Hinge

Brass Shutter Bar with Pendant Latch
Brass Shutter Bar with Pendant Latch

And finally, there is the 6mm polished brass bar with pendant latch which combines strength and elegance.

All our bars can be shipped anywhere in the UK or to the EU.  The cost of our bars & shipping are given in the table below.  Please note that all prices are subject to VAT.

For each bar up to 1M in length:

£ ex VAT

3mm Steel bar with pendant latch


6mm Steel bar with pendant latch


3mm Brass bar with pendant latch


6mm Brass bar with pendant latch


3mm Steel bar with centre hinge


6mm Steel bar with centre hinge


4mm Steel bar with sprung latch


Any bar over 1M in length


Postage and Packing to addresses within the UK:


For 1 - 3 bars up to 1M in length


For more than 3 bars, bars longer than 1M or shipping to the EU



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